Our mission statement is “The Bridge between the Client and The Accountant”. We strive to help customers get the most out of their time when meeting with their accountant so they may receive the best business advice possible. Clients will also save money by spending less time in the chair sorting through receipts in a shoebox. Clients can concentrate on running their Business ind allow us to take control of Debtors, Creditors and Payroll.

Aimsafe is a bookkeeping business offering services to Small Business using source documents to do Bank Reconciliations, Financial Reports and BAS electronic lodgment. Other services offered include liaison with outside influences, administration system setups (to enable the client to run their office), MYOB training and ongoing consultations.

They will attend the Client’s site at their own or their Accountant’s request to train and set up MYOB and provide ongoing support. If the Client would prefer Aimsafe to do monthly Bookkeeping, this is done at their office in Waterloo Street Cleveland. Clients can email, drop information in or use a courier. Remote site access can be setup whereby Aimsafe can log on and help with any problems. This done by accessing the client’s computer on a strict appointment only time.

At the end of each financial year a copy of the client’s balance sheet is obtained and the accountant’s records are used to bring the clients into line thereby saving time next year at tax time. The file is then rolled to the new financial year. This is not done until the adjustments are made, encouraging clients to get work done if financial reports are required.

A report of the client’s business is recorded to disc, copies of loan papers, settlements etc as well as the last June statement and reconciliation are sent to the accountant to enable tax returns and business advice to be given to the client. If an accountant requires information they may email Aimsafe and will get the information as soon as possible.